NO: Product codes in Norway

NTIN presented as EAN13, is the dominant product code in use in Norway. The NTIN is constructed from the Vnr and as a consequence  a non-changeable unit. GTIN comply with the same 13 digit format as NTIN, EAN13,  and may be used on new Vnrs introduced to the market. The GS1 GTIN Allocation Rules is available at

NOTE the situation in Norway in 2017;
All systems in Norway are based on one product code linked to one Vnr. The corresponding barcodes are used by wholesalers and pharmacies as an identifier in the physical handling of the medicines in many different processes and are vital for correct dispensing. It is possible to use either a NTIN or a GTIN as product code, but the systems are not able to manage the change of one code (ex NTIN) to another code (ex GTIN) without manual changes (by Farmalogg, the wholesalers and the pharmacies) and corresponding risks and workload. This will be amended by 1.1.2018.
Any new pack (Vnr) may carry a GTIN. Changing NTIN to GTIN on a marketed pack (Vnr) should be avoided until this can be handled by the systems in 2018.
A separate document on implementation of 2D Data Matrix  in Norway is available at Farmaloggs website. This contains information on change from NTIN to GTIN and from barcode to 2D Data Matrix. The subject is more fully covered at .