Application for Vnr

Nordic Article Numbers can be ordered swiftly by using the Vnr Service: A user name and a password can be obtained on the website

How to order a Nordic Vnr in the Vnr Service, please see instruction video here

In the Vnr Service companies can also see the current information of all their Nordic Article Numbers. The processing time for a Nordic Article Number order, when using the Vnr Service, is no more than three working days.

Application for a Nordic Article Number should be made when the Marketing Authorisation Holder (MAH) knows which packages will be marketed and really need Vnrs. Technically Vnrs can be applied for at any time.

NNC will only provide Vnr information to the owner of the article in question. All other requests for article information will be referred to the National administrators of product- and article information, see Contact information.

Vnr information is undisclosed until the marketing authorisation has been approved.

Please fill in the existing Vnr in the field “Common Vnr to be confirmed” if an existing Vnr is requested to be allocated for a new country. Please note that the criterion for a common Vnr must be met (same MAH, same trade name, same strength, same dosage form, same package size and same package type).

Sometimes there is a need to specify for which markets a certain Vnr can be used. A Vnr can therefore be “unlocked” or “locked”.

  • Unlocked
The Vnr can be used for the same article in any Nordic country, as long as the criteria for using the same Vnr in several countries are met.

Unlocked is the default setting.

  • Locked
The Vnr can only be used in the specified country/countries.

If a Vnr is locked and it is desired to use the locked Vnr in another country, the holder of the Vnr in the country/countries, where the Vnr is locked, must approve the usage in the additional country in advance.

It is the responsibility of the company to specifically confirm that the unlocking in the original country/countries can be performed.