Country specific information – ICELAND

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1. Pharmaceutical products

The Nordic article number is required on the outer package of all medicinal products, except radiopharmaceuticals, homeopathic products and traditional herbal medicinal products.

2. Non-pharmaceutical products

The Nordic article numbers, Vnrs, are only allocated for registered pharmaceutical products.
All other products, such as medical devices and consumer products, use other numbers provided by distributors/wholesaler.

3. Pricing and invoicing of the Icelandic Vnrs

Nordic article numbers, allocated for Iceland, are invoiced by The Icelandic Federation of Trade. All active Vnrs are invoiced annually. The annual fee is invoiced in the beginning of the calendar year.

We highly recommend the Marketing Authorisation Holders to regularly check their active Vnrs and withdraw all unnecessary numbers.

4. Barcodes in Iceland

The EAN code (bar code) is accepted but not required on the package.

5. The flow of article information

6. Contact for Iceland

The Icelandic Federation of Trade
Hús verslunarinnar, Kringlan 7, 103 Reykjavík, Iceland