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This webpage contains information and guidelines regarding Vnr numbers. Vnr administration is located at vnr.fi.

The document Vnr statistics 2021 has been added under Vnr statistics.

A link to an instruction video “How to withdraw unnecessary Vnrs” was added under Pricing of Vnrs and Vnr status

A link to an instruction video “How to order a Nordic Vnr” was added under Application for Vnr


The document Vnr statistics 2020 has been added under Vnr statistics.

A summary of the guideline regarding primary package identifiers was added
Primary package identifiers_summary OnePager (pdf)28.9.2020
The information regarding the Norwegian Vnr pricing was added.

An updated version of the guideline Action plan: The need for standard identifiers on human primary packages in the Nordics,
The following additions/specifications
– the guideline concerns only human medicines
– the guideline is a recommendation, not a requirement
– the GTIN can be identical on the primary pack and the secondary pack, IF the pack size is 1:1 (picture 2.)
– with “readability needs to be ensured” is meant the machine readability of the data carrier

A new guideline regarding identifiers on single packages inside multi packages has been added. This guideline concerns only human medicines.

The document Vnr statistics 2019 has been added under Vnr statistics.

The document Vnr statistics 2018 has been added under Vnr statistics.

The following documents have been updated in VnrWiki:
The Nordic Vnr Guidelines (pdf)
The serialisation of Nordic packages -country specific requirements (pdf)
The country specific information for Finland (pdf)

The documents in VnrWiki, related to the FMD, are being updated and
will be available soon.

The Guideline on Nordic Packages document contains general information on Nordic packages, whereas the Frequently Asked Questions document gives detailed advice on different package issues. The documents are a product of cooperation between the Medicines Agencies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
The latest versions of the documents can be found on the Swedish Medical Products Agency’s website Product information