Country specific information – DENMARK

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Country specific information – Denmark

 Barcodes for Primary package

Please note that Amgros requires bar codes for drugs supplied via tenders.

Read more on the homepage for Amgros:

Non-pharmaceutical products

The Nordic article numbers, Vnrs, are only allocated for registered pharmaceuticals.

All other products, such as medical devices and consumer products, use national numbers. The national numbers are given by the wholesalers Nomeco ( or Tjellesen Max Jenne (

Pricing of the Danish Vnrs

Nordic article numbers, allocated for Denmark, are invoiced by Signum Life Science ApS.

New Vnrs are invoiced with an opening fee after assignment. Please note that the opening fee will be invoiced even if the Vnr should be withdrawn shortly after the assignment.

All active Vnrs are also invoiced annually in the beginning of the calendar year.

Important notice

It is important that all registered information, which is specified on the VNR Pharmaca in Finland and those specified on the DKMAnet are consistent with the information specified in the SPC.


New article numbers for already marketed packages

Marketed packages must receive a new Nordic article number if:

  • The name of the medicine changes

Other instances might lead to the requirement of a new article number, for example change of pharmaceutical form or strength. This is an individual assessment for each case and the companies are welcome to contact The Danish Medicines Agency at with questions regarding the requirement of new article numbers.

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