Vnr status

Country specific information: FINLAND

An article can have three different statuses in the Vnr system:

  • Assigned
  • On market
  • Withdrawn

In order for NNC to take correct decisions it is important that the status of an article in each country is correct in the Vnr system. It is therefore the responsibility of the company to inform NNC about changes in the status of an article for each country.
As all active Vnrs are invoiced, remember to withdraw all possible unnecessary Vnrs (Instruction video here).

Note that the status of a Vnr can vary between countries.


Assigned is the status of an article, which not yet has been marketed.
Normally this status should only be used for a short period of time, since Vnrs should be applied for when the marketing authorisation holder knows which packages will be marketed and really need Vnrs.

Since articles with the status Assigned have never been on the market, it is easier to change the information of these articles than for articles, which have been on the market.

When an article is to be marketed the status must be changed to On market. An article may not be marketed in a country where its Vnr has the status Assigned.

On market

When an article is marketed in a country, the status of the Vnr is “On market”.

NOTE – When an article has been launched on the market it is difficult to change the information without changing the Vnr. This is also true if an article has been on the market in another Nordic country with the same Vnr.


A Vnr can have the status Withdrawn in one or several countries.
It is absolutely forbidden to reuse a withdrawn Vnr for another article.

In some cases NNC may reactivate a withdrawn Vnr if the article is exactly the same and if all the information is still relevant. This can only take place after direct contact with, and decision by, NNC.

Country specific information: FINLAND