FI: Barcode

It’s not compulsory to add a barcode to the medicinal packages sold in Finland.
Although, many stakeholders are used to using them and highly appreciate their appearance.

Barcode notification

You can easily inform about a new and changed barcodes with the barcode functionality. New barcodes can be added with barcode notification in the notification section (Notification forms > Barcode). Barcode can be added for a single product or, alternatively, a file containing many barcodes for many Vnrs can be uploaded.

– Compulsory information in the notification: Country (FI, SE, NO, DK, IS), Vnr and barcode.
– Optional fields: batch, date and comment (useful for example for hospital pharmacies, wholesalers etc.) can be left empty.
– A different barcode can be added to each country where the Vnr is used
– One Vnr can have more than one barcode in each country at the same time

N.B! You are able to see also other notifications in the notifications section.

Very important: All other notification forms (=New product into the market, Change in price, Product withdrawal from the market, KELA notification and Other change) concern ONLY FINNISH market.

Barcode reports to manage your barcode data

You can get a report of all barcodes of the products of your company. You can find the new Barcode report in the report section of Vnr Extranet Service (Reports > Barcodes). The report includes all barcodes informed to the Vnrs as well as the country and additional information of the barcodes.

For barcode reporting needs of a single Vnr you can also use the current normal pdf-receipt. The Vnr receipt has been updated so that the most recently added barcode for each country is shown.

PIC forwards the barcode information to co-operation parties

When you do a barcode notification, we forward the new and updated barcode information to all necessary co-operation parties (pharmacy registers, wholesalers and statistic companies) as other notifications, if you have Vnr Extranet Service agreement in force. Barcode information is also included in the “PF Lääkerekisteri” (used by e.g. hospital pharmacies).

Fimea advices, that if the package is provided with a barcode or other corresponding identifier, it should be printed so that the label added by the pharmacy wont cover it.