FI: Pricing of Vnrs

Nordic article numbers, allocated for Finland, are invoiced by the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, PIC.

New Vnrs are invoiced with an opening fee after assignment. Please note that the opening fee will be invoiced even if the Vnr should be withdrawn shortly after the assignment.

All active Vnrs are also invoiced annually. The annual fee is invoiced in the beginning of the calendar year.

In Finland the Vnr fees include, except the administration of the numbers, also the Vnr extranet service with the notification forms for the Finnish ePrescription database and the possibility to make a contract with PIC for forwarding the information to authorities and other parties.

We highly recommend the companies to regularly check their active Vnrs and withdraw all unnecessary numbers.

The companies are also obliged to inform us about any changes in contact information regarding the invoicing. Invoices that have already been sent out are not credited.

Please contact for more information regarding current fees and invoicing.