SE: Vnr – layout and allocation

All pharmaceuticals with a marketing authorisation in Sweden should have a Vnr printed on the package.

5.1 Layout of the Vnr

The six-digit number must be in three groups of two digits. In front of the number it should read Vnr (without period).

Example: Vnr XX XX XX

In order for the Vnr to be clearly legible, it should be of a type size of at least eight points.

5.2 Allocation of the Vnr

The Vnr shall be placed:

  • On a visible, and easily legible, place near the trade name
  • Normally, on all sides where a complete identification of the package occur

The reason for this is that the Vnr is intended as an additional confirmation of the identity in the physical handling of the package. The Vnr must be easy to find and easy to read. An example of a good location and layout of a Vnr is in the top right corner on the front of the package.


Figure 2 Example of Vnr number on package